Thursday, October 13, 2011

Into the Jungle...

...I went a week ago a little wary of what was going to happen. But then it was more fun and civilized then I thought that it would be. I tiled classrooms, grouted, worked in a garden, played with children, and played uno a whole lot. And we were in the middle of the jungle. :) I think that is the best part is that in the middle of the jungle where we were showering in rivers and doing laundry in the river, I was expecting to have to go to the bathroom in a hole in the ground but nope. It turns out there are western toilets :) I think though that that was some of the most fund and hard working days I have had in my trip, let alone my life. I think that the fact was that I enjoyed the work. Yesterday we saw the newborn puppies of one of the dogs and they were so small and cute and the mother was very scared if you took one of her babies to far, but then she would just sit on them when she got to the corner where the puppies were :) had to rescue the puppies from mommas big but!:D Anyways the week was also accompanied by about 16 or 17 YWAM students (Youth with a Mission) and it was fun to hear what they had to say about their stories and how they came to the grace of god and it was a very fun experience. Well go to go need to fall asleep

Monday, September 19, 2011

Well it has been awhile...

...I have not been on here in months, truthfully i completely forgot that I even had a blog. So, here is my update:
Well about two weeks after my last blog post I went to my COC camp and loved it! You definitely need a good group of students or you will feel lonely and like you should not be having problems but that is not true. You will have problems as a student, you will get bored, and frustrated. If you feel like your family is too busy then say so, if you dont like the town you are in then say so. Its cheesy I know but dont stay quiet. This is a year for you not for people to learn english, this is a time for you to have fun and learn something about yourself.
After that I left Ratchaburi to go to Surin. My family was too busy in Ratchaburi they are still nice people and everything but being bored is not how i should experiece Thailand. So I moved to a small town in Surin ,for the month of august, named Chumponburi. It was too small and I had no classes but I learned so much more thai language and that is what is important and then I also loved the people I met but I left at the end of the month because it was to small and I was teaching classes not going to them.
After that I went to Phetchaburi, which is where I am now with my family so that i can become better in Thai make new friends and have a more fun experience. My family is very nice and kind and they want the best for me. And when you come here your host family will pay for alot of things and you may feel akward and dont want them too but they want to so let them, and then buy something for them.
So right now my life is good but sometimes i get bored, sometimes I get annoyed, and sometimes I get mad. but that is ok. If you have any questions please ask me I would love to tell you the truth :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Is going really well. I have a bunch of new friends named tammy, nan, you, eye, oh, yeah, and tons others. These are the main people i eat lunch with and hang out with here is a picture of me with some other friends.
and here is a picture of me with one of my host sisters

Friday, April 8, 2011

I fed an Elephant!!

i got to feed an elephant at the floating market!! It was amazing all the food and all the shops it was beyond amazing!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I leave on Wednesday!!!

Right now I am in Los Angeles, waiting until I must leave on wednesday for Thailand!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


A Doctor for a mother
A Dad
A 15 Year old Sister
A 20 Year old Sister
This is my family!!!!!
My New Family I am so excited!! And I will be living in Muang Ratchaburi, where i will go to school at Ratchaborikanukroh.(Isnt that a mouthfull i hope there is some abreviation :))

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well as you can guess from the title I am 1 of 2 people in the US of A to be accepted to Thailand!!!Ah!! Now lets hope this goes better than France. And by the way Merry Christmas! This chrismas for me was interestingly amazing. Especially since I have an unusual obsession with Jolly Rancher Candy because it is Amazing!!, So anyways continuing on, my mom decided to get me 3.75lb bag of Jolly Ranchers!!OMG!!! So good! anyways along with new boots, gift cards, money, and dvds this has been an amazing Christmas. Come back next week for an update on Thailand remember I need 10,000 dollars and I have 5,000 already as you can tell by the fish(For every grand I get I get a new fish!!)See you all Later!