Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So today I am sick

So since I am sick and I have to sit around and do nothing all day. Grrrr. Anyways I decided why not update these important people how Thailand is coming aong. And I am hear to tell you that I have no idea. My application has been sent to Thailand and has been there for several weeks. And there has been no, I mean none whatsoever. It is complete silence but I should tell you that I am halping people all around the world to learn english correctly. How you might say, Well it turns out there is this site called livemocha.com and it is all about you learning new languages and helping other people learn how to help others. It is so cool. Anyways I better go and to keep all of you people out there happy here is a picture, It looks like Avatar!!!!(you know like the floating mountains! Crazy!