Saturday, April 3, 2010

4400 down and 6500 to go

Well if you are wondering what that means, I will tell you, Today I recieved an email from afs scholarship committee. Which means that they have processed my scholarship and they can tell me how much money I am getting or if I am getting any. So as I open my email and sign in and all of that junk. I notice AFSScholarships in the contact line about halfway down the page. All of a sudden my palms become sweaty and my heart starts to race as i notice and start to realize that this helps or hurts my dreams. Yet I take my time in deleting my emails which are complete spam and thinking over all the possibilities of how I could of gotten all of this money or none at all. Finally all of my spam and is erased, the emails that need to be read are read, and all thats waiting is one email in bold which (once again just to clarify)could help or hurt me. So I finally clicked on the email, and as I waited for the email to load I was getting so many jitters and then finally it was up and it said that I had been given 3,567 dollars for financial aid and then I thought that with the 900 dollar deposit gave me 4467 dollars paid. But unfortunately I still have another 6,533 dollars left but I have until August 15th. So thank you to those of you that are helping and thank god even those that have only given a dollar it still helps.