Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today is going great! Beside the fact that i have a 10 minute oratory speech due monday morning. Yay!!(not)lol, but actually i am enjoying doing my speech it is on a really interesting topic, The Effects of Solitary Confinement on Prisoners, Even though there is little research on the subject, it is very controversial.

But off of that I have to thank whoever donated $50 here and then to Schhellinger Construction from Columbia Falls, MT who sponsored me another $50!. I am so Excited, France is coming even closer. Yesterday, I recieved my AFS packet of everything I need to know and do in France along with what I to expect before, after, and during France.

I also have sent out a bunch more sponsorship letters to many type of businesses and people! This includes people, who I hope with all my heart to at least send a letter, like Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, Editor of Seventeen Magazine, and many others.(!!!!) It would be so exciting to get some letters or acknowledgment from them! (and again, !!!!)

In my textile class at school I am about 60% done with sewing my first Coat! I promise to put picture up as soon as it is done for you to all view!!!

As a Thank You!!!!
For a $20 or more donation I will you a postcard from France showing you something that I thought was exciting! I am in the process of setting up a bank account at Glacier Bank if you would rather donate that way! I will put the specific details on the next posting!!

If you are not able to donate PLEASE sign on as a follower!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Whoo Hoo! I just saw that I have gotten fifty dollars. Along with this good news goes that last week I got my acceptance letter from France, that they have room for me! This is huge, this means that I dont have to go to my second or third choice that i get to go see the Effiel Tower, The Louvre, and all the stores!!!! This is major, and to go I need your help!I need you to help by donating money to the left or you can send it to my house at 2312 Merganser Drive Kalispell, Montanana 59901
Now i know that these are hard times believe me I didnt expect it to affect me or my mom, so if you could send even 40 cents. Every penny counts and I hope that you can support me in this adventure and even if you cant spare 40 cents just become a follower and thank you so much and I love you All!!!!!