Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Koh Samui

I recently have been vactioning in the beautiful island of Koh Samui. We have been having an expensive blast! It was so much fun I could have stayed their for the rest of my time here in Thailand. We went to the movies, to the beach, saw the sunsets, went clubbing, and sightseeing, and of course shopping. Sophie, Luise, Alise, Sophie E., Ro, Fabian, Saige, Valentina, and Me, spent about 6-7 days in Koh Samui, and didnt want to Leave.
just taking lefts forgetting to take a few but then take two more and end up on a secluded gorgeous beach where you can enjoy the water the sun and even more the water. It was funny because the water didnt get any deeper than maybe 2 feet, and I went in my underwear so to the first bikini since middle school. And you feel a little too daring but haveing your friends reassure you that you SHOULD purchase a bikini is rather nice, but i am not there emotionally. however it was rather amazing i am guessing that is how people feel when they go skinny dipping. but you know what I am rather happy for doing it. I gather that is why skinny dipping is so famous.
Well Ciao!