Sunday, June 20, 2010

Also I was deciding to do a Top 10 List every week. This week I decided to go with the top ten things I hope to see while in France.
10.Eiffel Tower
9.The Louvre; Museum with amazing architechture
8.French Coastline
7.Moulin Rouge
6.Joan of Arc in Orleans, her first true battle against the english and she freed the people of Orleans
5.Notre Dame, the cathedral like in the disney movie
4.Pont Neuf, these are bridges that cross the river in Paris built in the 1500's
3.Ride the Metro
2.Eat at a French Bakery;supposedly the best carbs in the world!!Yumm!
1.Shop at the Champs Elysees(Like Rodeo Drive but better!)
Sounds like fun right!!